Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Recent and upcoming words worth mentioning…

An in-depth and thorough interview took place with the band (Ellery Eskelin with Andrea Parkins and Jim Black) on our recent European tour which will soon be published in L'art du Jazz N°2 (Francis Hofstein, Editor in Chief, Published by Éditions du Félin, Paris). Bill Shoemaker's website "Point of Departure" has posted the transcript under the heading "Parisian Thoroughfare" in their most recent edition. Curated by Alexandre Pierrepont. Interview by Cécile Even.

Also, in my previous post about the late Baltimore saxophonist Mickey Fields, I mentioned a forthcoming book on the history of the Baltimore jazz scene (my hometown). Apparently that book has been published and copies should be available from amazon.com very soon. I will certainly make mention of that when I find out more. For now here is the information I have:

Music at the Crossroads: Lives and Legacies of Baltimore Jazz
Published by Apprentice House, Loyola College in Maryland
ISBN 978-1-934074-52-7
Editors: Mark Osteen and Frank Graziano

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