Tuesday, February 14, 2023

in 2023 / a renewed emphasis on teaching


With this new year I’d like to take the opportunity to emphasize my teaching practice here in NYC,  something that has become an essential part of my creative practice as a musician, that of helping other musicians to develop and realize their creative practice.  

Given that music and education are social activities it is essential that this is done in person in order to fully embody the experience of listening, learning and music making.  I offer private teaching that is designed and structured towards fulfilling your musical experience while addressing the necessary skills in attaining your goals.

For those of you who cannot come to NYC I also offer video consultation geared towards the exploration of musical concepts in improvisation as well as practical issues concerning aspects of education, business and career.

I offer a perspective that comes from over forty years of experience performing all over the world, as well as having honed the craft of teaching as guest artist in institutions in the US and abroad as well as in my private teaching practice.

I invite you to find full information on the teaching page of my website which includes contact information should you have any questions.  I look forward to hearing from you...




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